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So, how does the #@$%^& new payment system work?

Yes, the NADS are dipping their toes into the 21st century, abandoning punch cards for the World Wide Web. While it is a departure from the past, there are several advantages, including: 1) the team captain doesn't have to stand around punching cards; 2) we'll have an accurate record of who's actually on the team; 3) we'll know who paid and when they're up for renewal; and, 4) we'll get a better control of our finances.

Here's how it works:

You'll go to the new website (still not open for business - keep an eye out for the announcement) and:

1. Sign up for the team. You'll be asked basic questions like your cell phone number (so we can text you when practice is cancelled), email, etc. You'll also be asked to come up with a password so when you come back to renew, the system will remember you. Note that this is where you need to put in your USMS number (which you NEED to do, since this is how you're insured when you swim with us).

2. Pay your annual dues. If you didn't pay your dues last year, you'll want to start paying in February ($100 for 12 months). If you did pay last year, you should start paying the month after last year's dues expire.

3. PIck a swim package: We're offering:

12-Month Swm Package $650

6-Month Swim Package $375

1-Month Swim Package $ 70

4-Session Swim Package $ 34 (to be used during the same month)

The idea is that the longer the timeframe and the more you swim with us, the less expensive each session will be. Because we'll be getting more money upfront (the 12-Month deal is cheaper if you're a regular!), this is a big step to help us manage the budget.

Why are there so many damned choices? Because to be fair to all, we only wanted people to pay for the months they actually swim, and at the same time we needed to have a way to generate reports of when folks need to renew. Therefore, we had to have a system that included expiration dates for each option. As such, there are individual packages that start every month.

Note that we want everyone to be able to swim. If you can't afford the full annual dues or the cost of the Swim Packages, talk to Kevin at our next practice. If you qualify, he can arrange for a discount code to ease the burden.


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