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Swim Practice

Swim practices are held:


Tuesday and Thursday:   06:30PM -  08:00PM

Saurday:                             10:00AM - 12:00PM


With our Olympic Swimming Pool and plenty of lanes to accommodate swimmers with varying swim times, our coached practices focus on interval training, endurance, speed, long course, short course, breath training and diving starts.  All strokes are covered and a swim clock allows you to track your progress.  If a swim meet is approaching, the coaches focus on the particular skills required for the races our members will be particpating in.  Whether you're a racer or casual swimmer, you get a killer work out that improves your technique, builds your endurance and increases your speed.


Pool practices were being held at the Charles Hadley Park Pool (4800 NW 12th Ave, Miami, FL 33127, P:(305) 960-4636), a public olympic swimming pool we use for this purpose, which usually has plenty of parking at the facility.

Your first two (2) consecutive trial practices are free of charge so you can check how do you feel about them! 

If you decide to become a regular "Nad", we will request that you:

  1) Enroll to USMS

  2) Register in our Club Assistant

  3) Select a swimming package

  4) Pay the selected package dues (monthly, 6-month, annually) and the annual membership fee (USD       $100) plus the practices package you select. 

You can choose one of the following swim packages:

     - Annual Unlimited Package: USD $715 paid annually with unlimited access to all our practices.

     - 6-month Unlimited Package:  USD $415 paid every 6 months with unlimited access to all our practices.

     - Monthly Unlimited: USD $80 paid monthly with unlimited access to all our practices.

     - Monthly Limited: USD $40 monthly  with access to four (4) sessions during a single month.       

     - Pay-per-Swim: USD $20 per single-session packages in case you plan to swim less than two (2) times per month. 


As a non-profit organization, these fees help us cover the operational costs of our team like renting the pool, paying our coaches and lifeguards, buying equipment, and/or other team activities. 

We also raise funds through different initiatives, like our annual fundraising event "Noche Nadadores", to help us support the team operations as well as to participate and collaborate with partner organizations and charities to have a positive impact on our community.

Please Sign Up before your first trial or practice so we can have your contact details and reach out for you to check how we did! (you don't have to pay the annual dues or choose a swim package until your fourth practice, once you decide to join our team).

IMPORTANT: Each swimmer must register with USMS within 30 days of their first practice! Your USMS Membership is how you're insured when you swim with us.

To do so, simply register at USMS Member Registration. You can select the Florida Gold Coast Masters (GOLD) Division as the club.

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