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After your first three swim practice sessions, the fee to to participate in our Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday swim practices is $100 per year as our Annual Dues plus the cost of the swimpackage you choose: 12-Month, 6-Month, or 1-Month.  


We also offer 4-Session and Single-Session packages that are valid during a single month.  These packages were designed to be less expensive the more you swim, and are also intended to accommodate as many South Floridians as possible (permanent residents, snow birds, long-term visitors, bi-coastals, etc.).  


Pricing is as follows:


12-Month Package:           $650.00

  6-Month Package:           $375.00

  1-Month Package:           $  70.00

  4-Session Package:         $  34.00 (must be used within the same month)

  Single Session:                $   10.00 (must be used within the same month)


And, for a limited time, we offer a 50% discount to full time students for our 1-Month Swim Packages.


We want everyone to swim!  If you can't afford the full cost of our Annual Dues or Swim Packages, talk to the team captains at one of our practices who will surely find the way to support you.


We've set up a separate site to process payments, our Club Assistant


When you go to the site (see "Register", above), you will first be asked to provide your contact information and create a password - this will let us know who you are and allow you to easily renew your Swim Packages.  


You will then be asked to pay for your Annual Dues and choose a Swim Package. Please note that these are due only when you decided to join the team after you first 3 trial sessions.

For more information about swim practice and Nadadores Swim Team of South Florida fees, contact us at



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