It's true, the new website is here!

So you all should have gotten the email - the new NADS website is up and running and waiting for you check it out. Click on and see what we've been working on. You'll find all sorts of stuff describing the Team and our activities, and you'll see information about the new payment system (and pricing!) and be able to click through on line to purchase Annual Memberships and new Swim Packages. Check it out!

So, how does the #@$%^& new payment system work?

Yes, the NADS are dipping their toes into the 21st century, abandoning punch cards for the World Wide Web. While it is a departure from the past, there are several advantages, including: 1) the team captain doesn't have to stand around punching cards; 2) we'll have an accurate record of who's actually on the team; 3) we'll know who paid and when they're up for renewal; and, 4) we'll get a better control of our finances. Here's how it works: You'll go to the new website (still not open for business - keep an eye out for the announcement) and: 1. Sign up for the team. You'll be asked basic questions like your cell phone number (so we can text you when practice is cancelled), email, etc. Yo

New NADS Website and Swim Packages

Get ready for it! The new NADS webiste is in Beta testing now and will be launched (hopefully!) in the next week or so. It will feature information about the team, swim practices, lessons, and our new payment system. And don't forget to check out the Gallery for classic photos from the NADS achrives!

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