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Swimming Lessons

Coming soon

Trying to improve your freestyle?  Finally want to tackle the butterfly?  Need to know more about the latest thinking on the breast stroke?


If you want to improve your swimming, the Nads will shortly be resuming swim lessons with a certified coach, consisting of semi-private lessons for groups of no more than 5 people.  Everyone will be welcome!


Emphasis is on making swimming enjoyable through:


  • Learning to swim efficiently for fun, lap swimming & triathlons

  • Streamlining body position to swim with less effort, increase speed & distance

  • Simple stretching and warm-up techniques

  • Proper stroke, body roll, and kick technique to conserve power and increase endurance

  • Swimming drills to help change bad habits into effective swimming

  • Interval training designed to increase endurance

  • Starts & turns to take the drudgery out of lap swimming

  • Evaluations to show your progress


Lessons will probably take place on Saturdays and will be split into two groups:


10:00AM           Beginning and Intermediate Freestyle

11:00AM           Intermediate and Advanced IM (Back, Breast and Butterfly)

Lessons are held at the same location as practices.


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