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The LGBTQ+, all-genders-friendly, multi-generational, multi-cultural, all-skills-level, completely inclusive
Swim Team in South Florida

Our practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 06:30pm to 08:00pm 

and Saturdays from 10:00am till noon.

Come join us!

Contact us at 

for membership inquiries or any other comment or questions.

Our practices are held at: 

  Charles Hadley Park Pool

Located at 4800 NW  12th Ave, Miami, FL  33127

P: (305) 960-4636

About Us

Gay, straight, young, old, male, female, experienced tri-athletes or swim enthusiasts, Nadadores Swim Team of South Florida is the team that welcomes everyone in the Miami area to swim with us. 


We offer coached practices for beginner, intermediate, and advanced swimmers, whether you're trying to lower your 100 meter mark or just trying to make it to the end of the pool,  we are here for you while having a good time doing it.  


Affiliated with Gold Coast USMS (United States Masters Swimming) and IGLA (International Gay and Lesbian  Aquatics), we hold coached pool practice three (3) times a week (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays), provided weather conditions permit it, and shortly we will be also offering swimming lessons, sponsor Sundays ocean swims, and more! So, stay tuned and follow our social media for updates!


Are you new to Miami-Dade area and passionate about swimming? We offer you the first two (2) consecutive sessions as a free trial period, so you can get to experience our practices, learn more about Nadadores, and to get to know some like-minded, water loving locals! Maybe even join us for brunch or dinner after the practices! And if you're convinced, then you can become part of Nadadores!

Are you just passing through or visiting Miami?  We welcome all visitors to join in for as many sessions as they can! 


For more information scroll down, or click the "About" button at the top of the page.


Join Us

Nadadores Swim Team welcomes swimmers of all ages and abilities who want to improve their overall fitness, develop better technique, or train for any type of swimming competition. If you want to get fit, become a better swimmer, stay motivated and meet new friends, Nadadores is the swim team to try.


To join, just come to one of our practices!  Your first two (2) consecutive practices are free! You can also contact us for more information at


If you decide you want to become a regular "Nad", our annual membership dues are $100 (or a proportional if you join later in the year)


Also, to participate in our practices, you can select one of our swim packages:

  • Annual Unlimited                                     $715 (once a year)

  • 6-Month Unlimited                                  $415 (every 6 months)

  • Monthly Unlimited                                     $80 (every month)

  • Monthly Limited (4-sessions package).   $40 (every month)


We have also a Pay-Per-Swim option for twenty dollars (USD $20) each practice. You can purchase as many single practices as you want and these are valid for the month in which they are purchased. 

If you are a visitor swimmer, you can choose the pay-per-swim option or eventually one of our monthly packages if you plan to swim with us 2+ times.


These dues help us cover the costs for renting the pool, paying the coaches and lifeguards, and buying equipment.  


Some of the costs are offset by additional fundraising initiatives, such as "Noche Nadadores" which includes our famous swimwear fashion show!.  These events allow us to raise funds for the team as well as for worthy local causes.

Please  Register Here before your first practice (you don't have to pay the annual dues or choose a swim package until you're sure you want to).


Each swimmer must register with USMS within 30 days of their first practice. To do so, you may register online by following this link: USMS Member Registration. We are are part of the Florida Gold Coast Masters (GOLD) Division.  Your USMS Membership is how you're insured when you swim with us.


Tuesday and Thursday:     06:30PM -  08:00PM

Saturday:                             10:00AM  - 12:00PM


With our olympic swimming pool and plenty of lanes to accommodate swimmers with varying swim times, our coached practices focus on interval training, endurance, speed, long course, short course, and diving starts.  All strokes are covered and a swim clock allows you to track your progress.  If a swim meet is approaching, the coaches focus on the particular skills required for the races our members will be participating in.  All swim leves are included: whether you're a racer or casual swimmer, you get a killer work out that will improve your technique, endurance, and increases your speed.


If you are planning to join our practices, please take into consideration that we expect members to be 18+ yo and be able to properly and repetitively swim free style. 

Our swim practices are held at Charles Hadley Pool, a public olympic swimming pool we rent for this purpose.  This facility has plenty of parking space which is located at:

Charles Hadley Park Pool

Located at 4800 NW 12th Ave, Miami, FL 33127

P: (305) 960-4636


Coming back soon

Trying to improve your freestyle?  Finally want to tackle the butterfly?  Need to know more about the latest thinking on the breast stroke?


If you want to improve your swimming, the Nads will shortly be resuming swim lessons with a certified coach, consisting of semi-private lessons for groups of no more than 5 people.  Everyone will be welcome!


Emphasis will be on making swimming enjoyable through:

  • Learning to swim efficiently for fun, lap swimming & triathlons

  • Streamlining body position to swim with less effort, increase speed & distance

  • Simple stretching and warm-up techniques

  • Proper stroke, body roll, and kick technique to conserve power and increase endurance

  • Swimming drills to help change bad habits into effective swimming

  • Interval training designed to increase endurance

  • Starts & turns to take the drudgery out of lap swimming

  • Evaluations to show your progress


Lessons will probably take place on Saturdays and will be divided into two (2) groups:


10:00 AM           Beginning and Intermediate Freestyle

11:00 AM           Intermediate and Advanced IM (Back, Breast and Butterfly)


Anyone taking swim lessons on Saturdays, will be able to participate in our weekdays' practices at no additional charge during their first month! For their 2nd month, you will get a DISCOUNT CODE for a 1-Month Swim Package. And after that, if you want to join us for our coached Tuesday and Thursday evening swim sessions, you'll be able to select one of our swim packages (e.g., 4-single-sessions, or our 1-Month, 6-Month or 12-Month swim packages).*

Please note that student discounts do not currently apply to swim lessons.


Lessons will take place at the same location as swim practices.

For more information about the Nads' swim lessons, including fees, contact us.

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